Fenerbahçe High Council Board Ordinary Meeting Held

15 May 2020 Friday 15:06

The Fenerbahçe High Council Board Ordinary Meeting, held online for the first time due to the coronavirus epidemic which has spread across the world and affects our country, was held with the participation of our President and Board Members and under the presidency of High Council Board chairperson Vefa Küçük in the 1907 Stand of the Ülker Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Sports Complex.
Moment’s Silence and National Anthem

The meeting started with a moment’s silence to respect the founder of our republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his fellow soldiers, our club founders, managers, athletes, and supporters who have passed away, and martyrs who gave their lives for our country, our democracy, and our nation. The national anthem of Turkey was then played.

High Council Board chairperson Vefa Küçük made the opening speech of the meeting via video conferencing software. The names of club members who have passed away in the past months and of our new members who have joined our High Council Board were then read one by one followed by those who have celebrated their 40-, 50-, and 60-year anniversaries as club members.

40th anniversary: Yaşar Murat Özgül, Mustafa Onbaşlı, Ali Aydemir, Rukiye Halenur Akın, Mahmut Kavran, Ali İlhan Aktaş, Ali Çetin Barut, Mehmet Ömer Çavuşoğlu, Ahmet Eren, Serdal Mızrakçı, Abdülkadir Abamor, Serdar Özeren.

50th anniversary: Tunçer Erdoğan, Bahadır Kibar.

60th anniversary: Necati Akkaya, Süel Özgen Başol, Zeki Talat Pekmezci, Turgut Meriç, Nuri Nejat Akdoğan.

High Council Annual Report

The High Council annual report was delivered to the attendees of the meeting. Secretary General Burak Çağlan Kızılhan conveyed what developments have occurred and the plans and arrangements made at the club over the past 3 months while the club branch officers discussed recent developments in our olympic branches.

Audit Board Report

The next item on the agenda following the reading of the activity report of the High Council was the audit board report. The report was read by Audit Board Member İlhan Aydın Erbul. After giving information about the audit board report, club president Ali Koç gave a speech before answering the questions of our high council board members.

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