Statements by our Olympic National Sailor Alican Kaynar

25 March 2020 Wednesday 13:03

Our Olympic National Sailor Alican Kaynar shared his thoughts about the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic that affected both the world and our country and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed because of this epidemic.
Our athlete Alican Kaynar, who will compete in the Finn class at the Olympics in Tokyo, said the following about the postponement of the Olympics for a year:

“Olympics is an organization that brings together, unites the world and where Fair Play is at the highest level. Many athletes cannot train for about 1 month, and it is still unclear when the quarantines will end. I think the decision to postpone is appropriate. Despite everything and all difficulties, we continue our work at home with the support of our club. I want to overcome this difficult period and bring medals to my country and my club again. ”
Alican Kaynar, who is the world's sixth in the finn class with 796 points in the list published by the International Sailing Federation with the best sailors in the world, said, “I am at a time when my performance is at its peak and I'm ready for the Olympic medal. I am 6th in the world ranking for today. As soon as the season opens, we will get good rankings. We aim to be in the top three by the end of the season. "

Stating that he continues his work at home due to the Corona virus epidemic, Alican Kaynar said, “I have a 14-day quarantine process because I came from abroad. We cannot leave home with my family. For this reason, I have been continuing my training at home since I came. We brought some of my equipment home.”

Our athlete Alican Kaynar said, “We are facing a very serious virus. So we need to maintain social distance. Me and my family take care of this. It is very important.”

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